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When you establish a construction business, you might be tempted to ignore training your employees, because you need to cut some expenses. But this is not the best strategic move you can make, because this will bring unprepared people on site, and this can be very dangerous considering the domain you are working. Even if the economic environment is challenging, you should focus on investing in training your employees, because they need to know how to operate self erecting tower cranes. You rely on these cranes to transport and lift materials, but you have to be sure that they are installed and used properly, because the construction site has to be safe. Tower crane accidents can cause severe injuries and even fatalities, so you should do your best to avoid this. Preventing a disaster requires workers to know how to operate them, and to be able to recognize a hazard when it occurs. Certain procedures are meant to avoid accidents, so you should pay attention to them.

Avoid electrical hazards

The majority of tower crane accidents occur when the user comes with the crane in contact with a power source. This situation is common when the tower crane moves materials under energized power lines or nearby them. The danger in this situation is not only to the operator of the device, but also to the personnel in its vicinity. You should make sure that your employees receive the appropriate training on how to operate them, and how to avoid hazards in areas where electrocution can occur.

Avoid overloading accidents

An enormous number of the accidents implying a tower crane is represented by the overloading hazards. You should make sure that the operator does not exceeds the crane’s operational capacity, because in this situation, it will be subject to structural stress and the damage is irreversible. Also, you should make sure that the employees are able to notice if the crane has any defective components, because in this case they will be able to avoid an accident. You should make sure that they never hoist a load beyond the capacity of the tower crane and they do not load the goods only on a side of the crane.

Materials falling can cause accidents

When you use tower cranes on the site, you have to pay attention to the possibility of falling materials. Slipping, two-blocking, visual impairments or mechanical failure can cause this. Your employees have to be trained on how to react in all of these situations.

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