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Heavy duty racking and shelving bays are the best solution for warehouses and areas where a wide range of products need to be stored. This type of storage systems not only pass the test of time, but also provide a strong and sturdy solution for heavy loads in areas that can’t really accommodate pallet racking. As far as cost is concerned, heavy duty shelving units can be more expensive than standard systems, but this is an investment worth making and here are 3 main reasons why.

  1. Heavy duty shelves are durable


Manufactured from high quality and thick steel, heavy duty shelving units are built to last. This means that, even though your initial investment can be quite considerable, you won’t have to support the same big expenditure in a couple of years’ time. The fact that these bays are strong and sturdy and they perform well for great periods of time makes them a very profitable investment, as you will get a durable racking system in your warehouse that you can put to great use.


Although these units are certainly worth their money, it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from affordable solutions or that you shouldn’t get the best possible deal. You just need to research the market properly and make sure you discuss with your top selected suppliers all the offers or deals that they can provide.

  1. Heavy duty shelving units are versatile


Due to the fact that they are heavy duty, these units can virtually handle all types of products and loads. As mentioned above, some of them can even take palletised goods if you’re operating a stockroom or storage area that can’t accommodate pallet racking. In addition, this type of shelving can be fitted with document storage boxes, small plastic bins, distribution containers and so on. This means that they can provide safe storage for all types of items and environments. If you’re storage room is an office environment and you need to store high volumes of documents, then simply fit the shelves with archive boxes. If it’s small parts storage that you require, then picking bins are the solution. From a financial point of view, this means that whatever it is that you need to store, you don’t have to invest in different or additional shelving.


  1. Heavy duty shelving can be modular


There are some heavy duty systems that have a modular design, which means that if your business grows, and your storage needs along with it, you don’t have to refit your stockroom or warehouse completely. You can simply add to the existing run of bays, which will save you not only a lot of money, but also a lot of hassle. Financially, you’ll save money not just by getting to keep your initial storage system, but also by not having to disrupt your business operations for a complete refit.

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