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One of the ideal tools to have near a construction site is the telehandlers, because they enable operators to maneuver loads from one place to other and reposition everything as often as they need. Many contractors actually prefer renting telehandlers, because they consider this is the more profitable option. To this extent, this is what you should look for when you are trying to rent this type of product:

Don’t forget about the basics

How much does it lift?

To be sure that is the best choice for your needs you should always ask exact what the maximum load it can lift is. This way you will have the certainty that you will be able to use it without any problems. Many contractors make the mistake of renting a telehandlers that is too small for their needs, in their effort to save some money, but you will only waste more time in the process.

How high does it lift?

The next question you need to ask if how high it can lift its load, as that could also come into play if you need to lift the load higher than usual. This way you will know for sure if the machine you rent will be able to do the job you need it for or if you should rent something else.

Does it come with any attachments?

Compact telehandlers can come with a variety of attachments that will prove very useful and efficient at the work site. At the same time, if you know for sure that you will need a certain attachment, you should not be afraid to ask for it, as many suppliers might not deliver all attachments unless they are specifically requested by the client.

Other questions you need to ask

What type of certification do I need for driving telehandlers?

Unless you know for a fact that you have someone certified in driving these machines, you should ask the supplier what type of certification is needed or if they can also send someone qualified to drive it. you will surely manage to find a certified driver, so you can rest assured that this will not be a problem.

How old is the machine?

Naturally, you should try renting a newer version of any type of telehandlers because newer models are equipped with the latest technology in the field, not to mention that they are easier to handle and they have more safety features, which is essential on a construction site.

Who is responsible for the maintenance?

Depending on how long you are planning to rent the machine, you should ask who is responsible for any maintenance work that might be necessary. While this should not be a problem if you rent one for a couple of days, if you are planning to rent it for a month or more, this is definitely something you should not forget to ask about, in order to avoid any unexpected costs at the end of your contract.


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