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Buying a new company car has never been easier with so many online reviews and opinions on some of the of amazing pieces. Nevertheless, you need to start your search from some variables, variables that may make your search easier. For instance, should you go for a comfy,  yet incredibly boring family car? Is a muscle car a suitable option for such purposes? Surprisingly enough, Edmunds says that the 2018 Dodge Challenger may be just the right vehicle for a company car. Below we have some of their arguments.

Incredible driving experience

Obviously, when driving a company car, you want to make sure that your employees and even yourself, have the best experience. An experience which won’t prevent you from minding your business and reaching your destination on time. Luckily, the 2018 Dodge Challenger is more comfortable, faster and more easy to handle than the previous models. Being the perfect car for those in search of a vehicle with fast acceleration, immediate brake response, quick steering and turning capacities, a pleasant to drive car, overall.

It comes with quite an exquisite interior

Even though it’s a notorious muscle car, the 2018 Challenger comes with a generous cargo space, as well as passenger space. All controls are part of an intuitive layout, making access easy and pleasant. Moreover, access inside and out of the car is easy, thanks to the large doors. Besides, it is quite of a roomy car as well. With plenty of leg room and shoulder room, a plus from other cars of this type available on the market, the 2018 Challenger comes with a small downside. The few blind spots that exist. However, the large rear-view mirror with which it comes, makes it more drivable and enjoyable.

Comes with all the technology needed by a company car

All tech incorporated on this jewellery has a quick response, a sharp appearance and graphics, is easy to access from the main control panel. As previously said, the perfect layout makes access a child’s play. A company car equipped with the Uconnect system will definitely make every businessman’s life easier.

These are some reasons for which the 2018 Dodge Challenger makes a perfect company car. However, whenever you think to invest in such a vehicle, make sure to research your options well beforehand.

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