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Having your own business provides you with the necessary financial resources to live a full and happy lifestyle, yet the entire process of establishing a new business, may be a bit of a hassle. However, with a little planning and care for details, the entire process becomes a bit easier. Below are some great essentials nobody aspiring to open their own landscaping business should forget about.

1. Invest in the appropriate tools and equipment

Like any other business, you must start by investing in some high quality pieces of equipment. Starting with a high-performance Gressklippere and continuing with your fertilizers and so on, you must pick with great care your suppliers. You may still be unaware, but your reputation will be highly influenced by the quality of your equipment as well as other products’. Never invest in pieces from shady suppliers. Search for those with a vast experience in the industry and a good reputation in the branch. Your Redskaper must be manufactured from high-quality materials and must meet certain standards. Starting off with poor tools, means that you must increase the expenses in the future no matter your decision. So, instead of changing your approach in a year, it would be advisable to start at high standards from the very beginning. Also, do a good research and find out exactly what pieces of landscaping equipment you need. A Kantklippere might also be necessary, if you want to get involved in more complex projects.

2. What services could you include in your offer

Thinking about the type of services that will be part of your offer will provide you with a deeper insight of what pieces of equipment should you invest in. for large projects, you will probably need a Sandstrøkontainer, while for simple landscaping projects, such pieces won’t be needed. You could include services for both residential and commercial purposes. You can make a great portfolio of clients from the following categories.

  • Individuals with little to no landscaping skills;
  • Individuals with less time for landscaping;
  • Individuals who lack landscaping vision;
  • Homeowners who want to freshen up their properties for a potential house sale;
  • Builders of both commercial and residential complexes who lack in house landscaping teams;
  • Botanical gardens or public parks, which need professional landscaping services.

These are only some of the projects and type of clients you could be working with as a fresh landscaping company on the business climate in Norway.

3. Will my earnings be decent?              

With the need of constant professional landscaping services, the sky is the limit in the branch. However, in order to be able to increase your profits, you should carefully pick and choose your collaborators and suppliers. The quality of your materials and equipment is going to be a deal maker or deal breaker, so choose those carefully. You should never invest in pieces from a dubious source, although their prices might be appealing. Research the market well and only afterwards make a decision. You should take your time and never rush this important part of opening your own landscaping company.

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