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Consumer debt is a term that refers to a debt used to finance consumption. It involves only the debts that are created by everyday citizens in order to deal with domestic expenses. The products that are funded by personal debts are consumable and / or do not appreciate. Debating whether or not such debs are a good thing or not is troublesome. Various financial annalists discuss this problem and try to offer solutions that will guide consumers into spending their income in a productive way.

The reason most consumers take a debt is to maintain a certain standard of living. For example most people start their career from the bottom of the hierarchy. Therefore in their young years they suffer through a lot of financial shortages and once they manage to earn a decent income they lack the time or energy to enjoy the things they wanted when they were younger. Consumer debt is based on the idea that saving is a very difficult and long process and in the end you will not enjoy the purchased product as much as you would if you buy it now. It encourages outstanding spending in the idea that they will be paid in the wealthier years. However the problem with such theories is that one might have a hard time earning a higher income and a long term debt will put a lot of responsibility on someone and will restrain their choices. In order to state whether or not a debt is worth the effort you must try to analyze how much use you will take out of the purchased product and how much pressure the debt will put on your monthly income.

A personal debt is a taboo for most people. The reason for this is because so far debts have been seen as a sign of financial instability. However in the last decades people have opened their minds to the possibilities that personal debts offer. For some people certain products will forever be out or their financial reach and taking a debt is a way in which they can purchase that product without making outstanding sacrifices. If a debt can be balanced by your income there is no reason why it should be considered a bad thing. Furthermore consumer debt can even help you eliminate certain problems and even certain expenses. For example purchasing a car that you need for work is a reasonable personal expense. However buying an expensive car that you don’t really need and that will lose it value in time is reckless and not recommended.

Consumer debt also has an impact on a country’s economy. By encouraging such debts South Korea was able to expand their economy. The reason for this is because consumers supports the local economy. An increase in the consumer debt means that local businesses are flourishing. That means a more complex market, more work places and even foreign finances.

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