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The real estate market can be often quite challenging for investors, considering the wide range of regulations revolving around property purchases. One of the most dreaded aspect by investors, when it comes to selling or buying property is the amount of money that goes on taxes. Upgrading to a bigger rental building, for example, requires you to cut down o a big part of your profit due to the numerous tax payments you are subjected to. However, professionals practicing in this field have started to resort for many years now to property exchange programs, which offers the following advantages:

Tax deferral

The obvious reason why a program of this kind is worth your attention is the tax deferral you have the opportunity to obtain. Although taxes do not disappear completely, you are not subjected to them at the time of the property swap. The only time you will need to worry about paying taxes is when you decide to resell your newly acquired building the traditional way, without opting for a 1031 exchange. If you think about the amount of money you will be saving, the prospect will become extremely appealing.

Growing your holdings

In the real estate word, in order to maintain yourself relevant and to achieve the wealth you desire, you need to constantly grow your real estate belongings. Property exchanges allow you to do that without worrying about extensive financial implications. You can exchange a vacant land, for example, with a rental property, which of course will bring you much more income on a monthly basis. Replacing properties that are not exactly generating revenue with ones that can be used for profitable business purposes is something that such a process allows you to do.


If you already own numerous properties, which you are in charge of managing, the responsibilities you need to handle can quickly become overwhelming. Another benefit of a property swap is consolidation. What does that mean? Well, if you exchange multiple of your properties with a larger investment, management tasks can be simplified. You will have the possibility to choose a property that is more manageable and can save you a lot of time, detail that is certainly a great plus for business real estate investors.

Moving market

A 1031 exchange gives you the chance to move your market in an easy and financially beneficial way. Regardless if you want to switch from commercial property or land or the other way around, the options out at your disposal are various, and you can benefit from the real estate flexibility you desire.  

Considering the extensive beneficial factors a property exchange process can provide you as a business person working in the real estate domain, giving this program some of your consideration is recommended. The advantages that comes with 1031 exchange have helped numerous real estate investors increase their wealth and become more successful in the industry, and it can do the same for you. All you need to do is research the implications of the process and apply.

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