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Believe it or not, there are ways to make money with Paypal without spending any dollar with it or doing any extra work to receive your payments. Many people started using the Paypal Affiliate Program and they are really making money with it.
Paypal is used to send and receive money in a secure manner via Internet and for almost all parts of the world, being available in 190 countries and regions worldwide.
The Paypal Affiliate Program is is 100% safe and legal, but also very simple. The basic idea is that you make money through the money that others move. This system can generate up to $1000 earnings for its affiliates.

How does the Paypal Affiliate Program work?
All you have to do is to refer new users and in the moment they open a Business or Premier account, you will get 0.5% of all payments that person receives during the next 12 months.
For instance, if somebody you have invited signs up within Paypal, you will receive 0.5% of all his payments he gets for the next year. No value will be discounted from the new member. The bonus is paid monthly when the new member reaches $200 payments. The value of the bonus cannot exceed $1000.

How to invite new members?
The first rule for being able to invite new members is to have your own link. After you have the link, there are several ways to invite new members to join Paypal affiliate program:

  • Invite by email: you have the possibility to send an email to your contacts with the link and some short information about what is Paypal and the benefits of the system.
  • Add a Paypal banner in a blog or site: you can advertise Paypal on your blog or your website.
  • Speaking of Paypal: you can talk to your friends about Paypal Affiliate Program or you can simply write a text about Paypal and its advantages and post it on your blog or site.

Where to get the link from?
The link you have to send in order to invite new members is not listed as an area drawing attention in the Paypal account. Below the details of your account you can find another menu. Click the link “Referrals” and the next page will show you the link you need, but also a banner with the HTML code in case you want to use it.

When a new member registers a Business or Premier account by accessing your link, you will receive an email letting you know that someone you referred signed up with a Business or Premier account and you are eligible for receiving the bonus.
You cannot check on your account how many members you have recommended, so if you want to keep track of them, save the notification emails.

The Paypal Affiliate Program excludes some payments such as the one received for sales on eBay, so if the member you have referred sold something on eBay, you will not receive the 0.5% of that value.

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