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Traditional cleaners don’t even consider making the change to water fed pole systems owing to the fact that most clients are reluctant when they hear about this new method. The fact is that the vast majority of customers regard this tool as being dubious, probably because they do not understand the way in which it works. However, you should not get discouraged by this general opinion. If the customers have doubts, all you have to do is explain to them that you will get better cleaning results in comparison to traditional methods. In terms of business benefits, the water fed pole allows you to move lot faster and thus make more income. You can go online and find water fed pole systems for sale at fair prices. But what other advantages are there besides affordability?

Professional cleaning results

Contrary to popular opinion, the cleaning tool does work. Not only potential customers, but also some traditional window cleaners think that the system does not work. The system works based on a simple technology: pure liquid. As opposed to tap water that contains impurities, pure water does not have any dissolved solids. The result is that the windows remain clean for a longer period of time due to the fact that there is no residue. In addition to this, the cleaning too, is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is rub the window and wait for it to dry. Therefore, it is not necessary to have experience or special skills.

Cleaning a lot faster

Not few have been the window cleaners that have admitted to the fact that the water pole system allows them to complete their work in half the time they would normally do. Even when it is not possible to reduce the work time to half, there is the benefit of being able to save a considerable amount of time. Thanks to the fact that you can do your job a lot faster, you can earn more money. For instance, you now can diversify your range of services. Just consider that by being able to provide customers with solar panel or roof cleaning, you can even double your present income. Equally important is that customers value companies that are belt to work more efficiently.

Offer cheaper services to your customers

The reason why the prices are usually inflated is that there is a great risk when it comes to cleaning four-story buildings. Since many workers actually risk their lives, they will charge you more. It is needless to mention that it is often necessary to hire lifts as well. If the cleaning company uses water fed pole systems, then they can make considerable savings. While these savings are important for the business, they are important for the customer as well. To be more precise, you can offer your customer cheaper services, services that will be valued by the regular customer. When your services are at the same time cheap and efficient, the likelihood that you will be referred to a friend are extremely high.

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