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If you run a small business and your employees drink while doing their job, then it is a huge liability on your company, especially if they are driving as one of their daily tasks. There are cases when the only results of the fact they are dinking are a low performance standard and tardiness in work, but there are cases when they cause car accident while being intoxicated with alcohol. If an employee causes a car accident, then the entire group work will be disrupted, and your customers will be concerned on the quality of the services you offer. Moreover, if you run a small business you may not be equipped with the right tools to handle a case of employee drinking and driving. If there are issues caused by an employee, the business effectiveness will be influenced, so it is important to know exactly what to do in case you find yourself in this situation.

Review your union contract, policy and relevant legislation

If you work in the transportation industry, then it is essential for you to follow the Department of Transportation’s policy for alcohol and drug testing. Also, you should state that during the work hours the employees are not allowed to drink. One effective way to apply this rule is to establish protocols that state that the employees should be tested when they come to work, and in case they are suspect of alcohol use, they will be suspended. You have an important role in the process of detecting the employees who are drinking during their work hours, because if you talk with them you may notice that they have coordination and balance issues and you can even feel a distinctive smell of alcohol when you come close to them. If you have the suspicion they are drunk, then you should not allow them to drive, because they may cause an accident.

Talk with the employee

When you talk with the employees about this issue you should remain nonjudgmental and calm, and you should not accuse them. You should mention them that they have an unusual behavior and that you are concerned about their well-being. In case you suspect that the employees may have a drinking issue, but they are not under influence when you talk with them, then you should ask them take part to an employee assistance program. If the policy of your state allows, you should send the employee for testing, and you should refer them to a doctor to get an evaluation.

Hire an attorney

In case you have not noticed that one of your employees has drinking issues, and they get involved in a car accident, then you should get legal help as soon as possible. In case you do not work with an attorney at the present moment, you should hire one specialized in this type of cases, because your company may get involved in a liability case. As an employer, you can be liable if it is considered that you negligently hired or retained a person who injured someone while driving under influence.

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