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Although mug printing is mostly used for promotional purposes, you can also use them as a gift for your employees. If you have recently put together a lounge area for the office, customizing some mugs for your employees will certainly be a great idea. However, in order for this project to actually turn out the way you desire, you will need to consider a few relevant aspects. Printed mugs will certainly be appreciated by the entire staff, so if the topic has caught your interest, you will find the following tips quite useful:

Choose the right design

The first thing you should do is think about a suitable design for the mugs. Printing the logo or motto of your business might be a good start. Because you are planning to give these items to your employees, perhaps adding each of their name on the mugs will also be a great choice. Think about several options, and opt for a design that you know will be appreciated by the entire office. You can even look for inspiration on the internet, if you lack ideas, and want the mugs to turn out just perfect.

Find a reputable mug printing company

Finding a printing company is the next step to take. Because there are so many offers on the market, this choice should not be taken that lightly, because not all mug printing services provide the same quality. Consider reasonable fees as a selection factor, but also make sure you will be receiving high quality customization service for the price you will be paying. Search on the internet for options, and consider the best offers you come across. The service you hire matters, and can influence how good your customized mugs will turn out.

Order some samples first

In order to not spend money on a lot of mugs that turn out to be nothing like you have pictured them to be, order a few samples at first. Perhaps go for several types of designs, mug sizes, and writing font, and see which ones you like best. Placing a smaller order at first will give you the chance to spend your money wisely, on items that are actually as fun and interesting as you want them to be. Also, this will prevent you from collaborating with a printing company that does not provide the same level of service quality as advertised. Keeping your first order minimal is always a good idea, so if your office consists of 30 to 40 people, don’t go buying these types of items for everyone from the start, because you can always reorder if you like what you receive.

Customizing a set of mugs for your employees will be seen as a nice gesture, and you can also use these items as a promotional tool when necessary, being extremely effective in making potential clients become interested in your business. Now that you know a few tips on the subject, you can handle this project in a successful manner, so make sure to keep the few guidelines mentioned above in mind before printing mugs.

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