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Ever since social media have become so popular, you always see people taking pictures of their food before actually eating it. These images are full of colours and get followers’ attention, even when they are posted by ordinary individuals. But what do you think about professional food blogging and specialised photography? For those who own restaurants, want to start a recipes blog or are passionate cooks, getting the best shots of their dishes is extremely important. Some of them actually hire London food photography studio services, to make sure their dishes are on the best hands. So, in case you are wondering why this branch of photography is so special and cannot be done by anyone, read on to discover some of its particularities. These are tips one should use if they want to obtain perfect food shots.


No matter what you are taking pictures of, lighting is the main source of inspiration for the one holding the camera. You should understand that dishes should be treated as same as any other life subject. For this reason, when shooting, you want to make sure the plates are properly lit. Adequate lighting can change the entire aspect of a photo, and a professional knows that. So there is no wonder they will take the food near a window or other source of natural light – this is not odd, it is rather a sign they know what they are doing.


The props are as important as the dish itself. This means you need to pay attention not only to the arrangement of the food itself, but also of the space where you choose to shoot. The recipient, tale setting, accessories and other items around the dish have to be in perfect balance and harmony. You should de-clutter the surrounding space, but remember to add one of two extra distinct elements to the setting: flowers, a spoon, a glass and so on (there are plenty of options).

Add a stylish touch

After you cook it, you also need to style your food. The way it looks in the end is as important as the way it tastes, so do not neglect the visual aspect. Of course, correct lighting and some effects may enhance a bit the picture, but try not to rely on this. Try to play with colours, shapes and accessories, because this will bring diversity to the shot.



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