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Going to the heater is one of the most popular leisure activities for people all around the world. Whether you are just looking for some entertainment or you are passionate about dramatic art, buying a ticket to a famous show is the right activity for you. The impressive atmosphere in a theatre room has a great effect on the audience, taking you to a surreal place where anything can happen. The world of theatre is actually special and not anyone can understand it, which is why these venues are rather exclusivist. Putting everything together, from the lights to the decorations is quite difficult, even if at first glance it may seem a child’s play. Each room has special arrangements, installations and systems, aimed to make people feel comfortable yet isolated from the outer atmosphere. All this equipment is extremely difficult to set together and maintain. Here are some elements that catch the public’s attention as soon as they step inside the room:

The curtains

Curtains and drapes are probably the first thing one notice when they enter a theatre room. These create a boundary between the backstage and the public, the actors and their audience, the décor and the seating – all in all, they separate the set from the reality. Some impressive stage drapes will build mystery around the play, increasing audience interest. While most people are fascinated about the majestic curtains and drapes, few individuals actually know that these work based on a complex installation system. These simple pieces of cloth require a lot of maintenance and attention, and have been designed to serve a wide array of specific purposes. There are multiple variations and standards in terms of colours, materials, light reflecting, weight and other characteristics. So, next time you go to the theatre and admire the curtains, keep in mind they are more than just some mere cloths covering the stage.

The chairs

The more comfortable the chairs, the better. This is what most people would say, but it is not actually true. The main purpose of the place where you are sitting is to offer you easy access to the stage (from a visual point of view) but also to keep you engaged and focused on the play. An extremely comfortable chair can make you fall asleep, while a rough one will create a discomfort that prevents you from paying attention to the actors. For this reason, theatre room chairs must be puffy and neat, while also enabling you to stay in a right position as long as the play lasts.

The lights

Although they are not as important as they are in cinema halls, the lights play a relevant role in theatre too. They highlight actors’ performance, stress on certain parts of the play and can even hide various elements the audience should not see until a particular point. The lighting systems are placed on the back of the room and they are strategically installed to enable theatre staff to manage them easily.


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