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If you are the manager of a company, be it big or small, then you probably agree to the fact that having a website is the key to success. Not only that a website is a great marketing tool for your business, but it is also a method to keep in contact with your clients and customers. However, it is recommended to look for a professional and experienced web designer that knows exactly what aspects to focus more on in order to obtain the best results. Websites such as might help you find the right designer. Here are the five most important things a specialist should consider when designing a website.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

One of the most important things a designer has to keep in mind when starting such a project is that keeping things simple does not mean having insufficient knowledge about the subject, but rather the opposite. It is recommended to keep things simple on a website and not crowding it with numerous images and lots of text, because this might distract the visitor’s attention from what they should pay attention to when accessing the site.

Accessible on various devices

Another important aspect when designing a website is to make sure it is accessible on every device, be it PCs, smartphones or tablets. Since technological advances are constantly changing people’s lives, designers have to be even one step ahead the latest trends. They have to design the website so it does not change its aspect or font the moment it is accessed from a device other than a regular PC.


In the end, it is the user who will access the website and buy certain products from that company or resort to their services, so it is highly important to build the website in order to be centred on the user. This means that every category on the site should be easy to access and should be well organized in order for the visitor not to spend too much time looking for what interests them the most.


In the past years, most websites were designed after a specific pattern and certain conventions, such as placing the logo of the company in the left corner of the screen and redirecting the user on the homepage of the site the moment that user clicks on the logo. People became accustomed to these aspects over the years, so trying to change them or even renounce these conventions might not be a good idea. A specialist knows the importance of these conventions and even though these things can be found on every website, a great designer knows exactly what to do in order to make every website unique.

Testing is mandatory

Before even releasing the website on the internet, a designer has to make sure everything is well established and there are no bugs that might affect the website’s functionality or that might make the loading time take too long, so doing some thorough testing is mandatory in order to benefit from the desired results.

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