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Opening a company in Singapore may be one of the wisest decisions, due to the good economic situation of this country. But, before doing that, there are some important considerations. Here is a small guide for beginners.

Learn as much as possible about Singapore

You cannot start a new business in a foreign country without getting to know something about its history, industries, politics, health care system and so on. This is why experts recommend you living there for a while and then decide if you want to become part of the Singapore business world. The good news is that any foreigner who is 18 years old or above is allowed to open a company in this country.

Choose a good name for your company

The first rule when you want to start a business is choosing wisely your company name. In many cases, the company name is the identic to the brand name. Thus, you should search for something unique. If you opt for something that resembles with other company name, people would not perceive you as a reliable. Also, the company name is very important if you want to become a source of authority.

Find the right partners

Another great tip is that you should meet new people. This is a good opportunity for finding business partners. Even if you want to start a business by your own, you still need partners. If you find someone with great potential, ask him or her to join you for lunch. Choose a fancy restaurant where you can talk quietly and decide if you are on the same wavelength. On the other hand, do not ignore the conferences where which are based on networking. Create some business cards and use them for getting in touch with people.

Take care of taxes

Do you know which is the main cause of bankruptcy when you are at the beginning of your career as a businessman/ woman? Well, studies show that novices do not come with a good plan, as to be able to pay their taxes. For example, experts talk about Singapore tax agreements which can be enjoyed with the help of the specialised companies.

Ask for corporate services

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to starting a business is that people without experience prefer struggling by their own. But this is nothing but a waste of time. However, if you feel confused, please click on this link:, in order to get more valuable information.

Do not ask for a working visa, if you do not intend to live in Singapore

There are many investors who say that the idea of moving into a foreign country is something that scares them. But, they do not have to do that. A more practical solution is hiring an experienced manager who can take care of the local operation. But, there is also something that foreigners should do: they need to come to Singapore for opening a bank account. However, this will take them less than they imagine.

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