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Most tech businesses start with baby steps from unconventional establishments. Storage units and garages seem to be at the top of the of the preferences of those who are aspiring CEOs of successful tech businesses. But many militate for the first option, because of a series of well-founded reasons. From separating the work life from the family life, the list seems to grow. Below we have a short list of pros and cons of setting up your tech business in a storage unit.

Separate work life from family life

One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home while building your own IT company is that you may get absorbed in the work and neglect those well-deserved hours in the company of your family. 69% of the businesses that are activating on the US market operate from home (data reports from 2013). However, experts advise finding other solutions, as this may damage the ever-so-necessary work-life balance. This may not only prevent you from being productive, but also put a strain on your creativity, which is most necessary in the incipient stages of your company. Also, separating from the home life seems to bring a multitude of advantages. When working from home, people usually encounter two challenges: the lack of motivation and the increased number of distractions that you have to manage. On the other hand, it will be difficult for you to draw a clear line between your family duties and your work duties. This is why a storage unit in your area might be the most suitable solution that you have.

Successfully reduce the expenses

According to The Telegraph, the average startup expenses can go higher than $20.000 in the first year. Most of these expenses go into renting a suitable office for the company’s headquarters. But the thing is, you don’t really need a physical office that has a great appearance, as a tech company. You are blessed with the opportunity to communicate and offer your products online, regardless of the type of client. If you are a web developer, the client will be only interested in the final product: they will be interested in the website’s functionality and appearance. There is no need for a company that starts in the tech industry to spend plenty of cash on a fancy office. In fact, storage units Houston based will most certainly offer you the necessary space to professionally carry your business, while saving plenty of money. Keep in mind that reliable storage companies offer dedicated solutions for small businesses. This will come as a great advantage, for a tech CEO that is looking forward to saving money in the first year of activity as much as possible.

Boost your productivity

We mentioned in the beginning that working from home while establishing your startup comes with the disadvantage that you will be facing plenty of distractions. Luckily, storage units are so remote and quiet that will help you concentrate on your job. While there may be available some distraction management strategies when working from home, many have found that those don’t work as great as they initially expected.  While working from a storage unit may cost you some money than working from home does, this solution is far better because it allows you to reduce the distractions that would otherwise keep you from being productive.

Expansion opportunities are also available

Working from a storage unit will give you the opportunity to expand when necessary and when the opportunity appears. The great part is that you won’t have to search for a better, larger office. Simply rent another unit in the same facility and you’ll be all set up within a day. Bring in a desk or two, your beloved laptops and computers and start working.

Are there any cons that I have to consider?

Many may raise the safety matter when working from such establishments, but truth be told, the type of business that you operate from a unit of this kind involves few risks. Some may claim that there are no risks when operating a business in the tech industry. However, you want to make sure that all your electrical cords are in perfect shape.

These are our pros and cons that you have to take into account before starting your own tech business. Keep in mind that plenty of hard work and a brilliant idea will take you far in the IT industry.

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