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The field of hospitality is competitive to say the very least. Tourism, whether for pleasure or business, makes people want to travel and, most importantly, willing to spend money. Since tourists are so eager to spend cash, service suppliers, particularly hotels, are bending over backwards to make them happy. Small companies that offer hotel services literally dominate travel destinations. So, how do you gain a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry? Simple. You focus on public relations. Having a solid PR strategy in place makes the difference between failure and success. Businesses are desperate for attention, so if you cannot differentiate yourself from others, you will not meet with success. The best thing you can do is opt for a long-term strategy, that is to outsource marketing. Agencies specializing in PR for hotels know just how to maximize your exposure. The PR role should be given to someone with formal training and experience, not your sales executive.  

The importance of hotel PR strategy

PR is not limited to media efforts. It is more than that. PR is basically about the way the public sees you and accepts you. Simply put, it is concerned with reputation. Even if you provide a service of a similar nature as others in the hospitality industry, you have to make it look like your hotel offers the best service and that you are preoccupied about the comfort and well-being of your customers. When it is done right, PR is capable of changing consumer perceptions and, ultimately, helping you to achieve your marketing goals. In fact, PR is one of the most effective tools for generating awareness and visibility. You may be tempted to dismiss public relations, but you should not because it can help you to reach your target audience.

Planning a formal PR strategy

When planning a strategic public relations campaign, organization is key. These days, the focus is no longer on generating media coverage, but on the online environment. Thanks to the Internet, now it is possible for hotels to build audiences more easily. But how can this objective be accomplished? Through various tactics, like delivering messages on the platforms that future guests use or resorting to travel blogs. There is no doubt that online PR is effective. This type of marketing generates immediate buzz for your properties, not to mention that it is a cost-effective way. The best PR campaigns are based on 12 months calendars, which means that they have a long life. It takes this long for audiences to get and act on the information that they receive. For online marketing campaigns, the length is even shorter.

Why outsource hotel PR

The web allows businesses in the hospitality industry to be their own publishers. So, there is no need to outsource PR. Or is there? The truth is that not everyone can manage a PR campaign, even it is focused on the online environment. PR for hotels is a specialized area, one that only a trained professional can make it work. The point is that if you want to get the best exposure, you have no choice but to outsource public relations.

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