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Deciding to invest all your savings in a new business it is surely a thrilling experience because you want to make sure that you are going to have a successful one and you will not waste your time and money on something that will now work well on the market. A winery is not just the dream of any wine lover but it can also be a remunerative business if you do everything by the book and plan everything accordingly with a lot of patience. Read below the essential tips that you need to consider to assure the success of your business that will grow on the market and bring you a lot of profit.

1.      Do research

Before you start to plan anything, you first need to gain all the knowledge that you need in order to avoid any mistake that will bring failure to your business. Apart from the knowledge about all phases of plant production, pest management and post-harvest handling of the grapes, you also need to know all the information about the market. Do your research, find your competitors and try to learn from their mistakes and success in order to develop a successful business of your own right from the start.

2.      Create a budget

Opening a winery implies many costs for the location of the vineyard, all the special machines that you need to use in the process such as fruit crusher, press and fyllemaskiner, the taxes and licensing, and marketing. Which is why you need to create a budget and see how much money you need to invest for all the necessary things that will assure the success of your business.

3.      Find the right location

Even if you might think that the location next to your parent’s farm is perfect for creating a vineyard, you might be disappointed because the soil and climate might not suitable for growing grapes. That is why you need to pay a lot of attention when choosing the location. Firstly, you need to decide which type of grapes you want to grow and use for producing wine and check if the soil type and climate are ideal for it. Secondly, you also need to make sure that the location is spacious enough since you are going to have many machines that need to be placed there and can take a lot of space such as korkemaskiner and fruit crusher. Moreover, after the wine is ready and the bottles only need to be stored somewhere, you are going to need a big storage room to keep them safe and clean.

4.      Who is going to buy it?

Even if you are still at the beginning you still have to create a vision for the future of your business. Do your research and decide the best way of distribution of your wine to its consumers. Whether you are going to sell your product online, or sign a contract with the supermarkets and restaurants in your surroundings, you need to know which path you need to follow.

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