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The Business Finance Guide

If you are passionate about beautiful things and you are also skilled when it comes to crafting, then why not make some good money out of this? Starting a business based on hand made products is an idea that may be quite fruitful nowadays, since more and more people are looking for original and even unique jewellery, accessories and home decorations. However, there are indeed plenty of things you must do and aspects to consider before venturing experiencing the corporate sector. The path is long and includes a lot of steps, but with the right mind set and hard work, soon enough you will manage to transform your passion into a reliable source of revenue. Assuming you are already mastering the creative part of the business, there are still a lot of things you need to deal with. So if you are planning to commercialise small organza bags UK or other DIY products, here are some of the most relevant aspects to consider:

A business plan

Even for a start-up, you still have to think about a clear structure and make some business planning in advance. You are probably going to work by yourself at home, which makes everything easier: there is no intricate structure to develop and you do not have to hire more staff. However, in case you are about to collaborate with one or more friends, you have to think these details in advance, to avoid upcoming issues.  There are various corporate structures, each with its pros and cons, so you need to evaluate the situation and choose the one that suits your needs best.


Find a relevant name

Once you have a long term plan, you need to think about naming your business. This is the first step towards building a solid brand, so you need to come up with something representative, catchy, easy to remember and also professional. Not easy, right? Most people choose to use their names, to avoid applying for a DBA (doing business as) and this is indeed the simplest option. Before branding, check the authenticity of your name, because chances are someone is already using it.


Solve financial matters

If you do not have any kind of administrative experience, this may be a real struggle for you. Calculating and paying taxes, creating and managing bank accounts and dealing with payment methods can be quite difficult, which is why you will have to discuss with a professional financial advisor. They will tell you all you have to do and even do some tasks on your behalf, you just have to make sure you choose a trustworthy person.

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