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More and more often these days, restaurants tend to fall into two extreme categories: either they are very successful or they fail and have to close down in less than a year. Knowing that there’s a 50% chance for their idea to plummet can be quite stressful for a manager, but, if you’re not sure what kind of restaurant to open, we have an idea that has been very successful lately: seafood restaurants. If you’re not sure this option is right for you, then this is why you should consider it.


Increasing demand in seafood

Seafood restaurants are quite mainstream in cities that are close to the sea or the ocean, but there is an increasing demand in other areas as well. The reason for this is simple: more and more people are trying to give up fast food and eat fresher, healthier food. Seafood is not only delicious, but also healthy and exotic. It’s the perfect alternative to burgers, pizza, pasta and other conventional meals. People are actually curious about new foods, so if you can find a good supplier of frozen fish online, all the more reason to open a restaurant with this specialty.


Low competition

Sometimes, restaurants fail not because they don’t offer good food, but because they face a lot of competition and they can’t stand out. When ten more restaurants sell Italian food in your neighborhood alone, it’s hard to convince people to enter yours. But seafood restaurants aren’t that common, so you won’t have to worry as much about people choosing another establishment over yours. Of course, you may not be the only one in town, but it’s definitely easier to deal with three or four competitors than with several dozen.


You can find many suppliers

One of the main misconceptions that keep entrepreneurs from opening seafood restaurants is that it’s hard to find high quality, fresh ingredients. However, it’s not difficult at all, because the ingredients you need can be shipped in just a couple of days. Even if your town isn’t located on the shore, that’s not an impediment, because you can order fresh fish online and it will be delivered to you frozen and you can then cook it. Contrary to common belief, freezing the fish does not affect its taste or quality, so you can rest assured that your reputation won’t be affected. However, you will need to make sure that you are working with a professional supplier.


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