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While appointment boking may not be very difficult, it is not as simple as placing the name of the client on a calendar. There is a number of factors that go into scheduling appointments, like the availability of a particular beauty professional, the services that will be provided and the client’s scheduling needs. It is clear that scheduling is fairly complicated and there is no way of handling complexities like overbooking or underbooking. Or is there? If you are worried that you cannot handle these imminent complexities, then you should use an advanced salon scheduling app. An online platform will help you get through several stages of development without effort and ultimately keep your clients happy.

Handling appointment scheduling complexities

When you run a beauty salon you are more than familiar with the complexities associated with scheduling customers. Poor scheduling results in underbooking, which means lost revenues, and double booking, which creates poor client experiences. This will not be the case if you use a salon booking software. The application provides you the opportunity of scheduling appointments with just a single touch, not to mention that you can search through the appointments by client name. The software is accessible from any device, including Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android gadget. Spending less time on managing appointments will allow you to concentrate your time on other facets of the business, like the developing new haircuts or managing your staff.

Less missed appointments  

Salon booking software is especially designed so as to send email reminders for both clients and beauty professionals. The reason why emails are extremely effective is that people check their inbox more than one time per day. The chances of them receiving the text message are very low and they much more efficient in comparison to phone calls. Phone calls may overwhelm the client and it is a very time-consuming reminder for your staff. It has been proven that emails reduce no shows. No shows are not good for your business, so it is essential to make sure that the clients keep coming back to the salon. The application automatically sends email confirmations and reminders, so that you do not have to worry about doing this.

Bringing value to the client

It is no secret that customers are at the center of the business universe and all the facets of the business should therefore revolve around what the customer wants and needs. Btu what exactly does the client want? Well, the one thing that clients want, besides professionalism, is to be heard. More precisely, they dislike having to explain each single time what they want, their preferred formulas and their interests. Knowing clients’ preferences can significantly increase loyalty and bring in new business through word-of mouth. In order to do so, you should be able to anticipate and even exceed the needs of your customers. Thanks to a salon booking app, you can remember what you did last time. Basically you have all the information you need in order to keep clients happy.

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