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Your control system is outdated and you want to make a change to increase performance and make your own job easier? Don’t worry, you can do it even though you might not have a huge budget to dedicate to this purpose. Electric power systems are not that easy to handle when you are not a specialist, so choosing a company that offers support with the installation of the system and 24/7 surveillance in case of encountering issues. There are a few major types of automated control systems, including TGC, LFC, PLC, LV switchboards and other elements that are directly related to generation panels. Here’s what you need to know to avoid spending a fortune for making this replacement:

Low Voltage Switchgear

Choosing a LV switchboard depends on your very own requirements and needs. You should learn more about the complete range of low voltage solutions before making a purchase, as you can save a lot of money by making the correct choice. In some cases, wrongly choosing a LV switchboard can lead to many issues that you will only be able to handle by switching the control system again. Since technology is advancing rapidly, your old control system becomes outdated and you need to make an investment in a newer one.

Today, you have a lot of possibilities to choose from. You want to look for switchboards that can be easily mounted, that can be maintained in a good shape without much trouble and that offer the possibility of adding expansions. There are LV switchboards for different sorts of applications ranging from transformer stations in urban and rural areas to industrial sites, shopping centers or other types of facilities. If you need switchgear that protects your electrical devices against short-circuits overload effects, you should allocate more money to choosing one that’s more performant. In this case, you have to get informed by the possibilities you have long before making the actual investment. For automatic power generation control purposes, choosing the right LV switchboard is essential.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

PLCs are used for easily controlling manufacturing processes without worrying about human errors or other sorts of issues. The basic functions of a PLC refer to emulating the functions of any type of electromechanical relay. Depending on the inputs you give, the PLC can perform different logical and function tasks. These come in different types too, many of them suitable for any type of budget. Depending on the tasks you have to complete with the help of a PLC, you should choose the one that’s capable to handle the functions you require. You should invest more in a PLC that’s suitable for the conditions you are going to expose it to. For instance, exposure to dust, moisture, heat, cold and so on can harm the PLC controller if it’s not resistant enough. The PLC output is different from one product to another and the prices may vary because of this output as well. Make sure you read the specifications before making a purchase.

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