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In a world that revolves around technology and innovation, both consumers and businesses should maintain themselves updated and accept beneficial changes. Bitcoins have become a popular payment option among internet users, and as a business owner, you should think about the prosperity of your business and start accepting bitcoins payments. Although it may seem like a risk to take at first, over time you will notice that this was the best decision to make, and your customers will certainly appreciate you giving them this opportunity. Moreover, you have the possibility of easily finding a reputable company that, after you withdraw bitcoins, can allow you to exchange them for a prepaid card, which you can use exactly as you please. If you are still uncertain if this is a good solution for, here are the top reasons why you should consider accepting this form of payment:

Increasing sales

Once the word spreads out that your shop has implemented this payment method, the number of customers will grow significantly without any doubts. More customers mean more profits, and this is what you probably desire from your business. Because you will be making it more easy for your customers to spend more, your sales will automatically increase. Researchers have proven that bitcoin using customers tend to make purchases more often. Moreover, accepting bitcoins will also allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors, and with such a competitive industry, it is certainly an aspect that should not be neglected.

Lowering transaction costs

While credit card transaction fees can reach 2-5 percent per purchase, with bitcoins the cost are only somewhere between 0.50 and 0.60, which is certainly a considerable difference. The profit that used to be directed to the banks as transaction fees will now remain in your pocket – great, right?

Chargebacks are no longer a problem

If you have been managing your online store for quite some time now, then you have probably been confronted with numerous chargebacks, which ultimately lead to a profit loss. If you research the topic, you will see that numerous online businesses are dealing with this issue. With bitcoins, your customers will no longer have the possibility of obtaining chargebacks – another plus for your shop.


Show consumers that your business follows the latest trends and is as innovative as possible, and start accepting bitcoin payments. You will be surprised how much publicity you will be generating only through this simple and convenient change. Because publicity is so good for business, think more about the topic, and make a wise decision.

As you can see, it can be a wise decision to allow your customers to pay for your products with bitcoins and not only cash. However, before implementing this payment method on your online store, you should first find yourself a reputable company that can give you the opportunity to exchange your bitcoins with a prepaid Card that you can use wherever Visa is accepted. This way you will have the security you need to finally accept this virtual payment method from your customers.

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