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Companies who conceive and launch new products into the marketplace are required to be at the top of their game. Protecting a business or extending beyond traditional product lines implies focusing on product innovation. Therefore, it is necessary to rapidly build and test ideas for product development. In order to see if an idea is viable or not via rapid prototyping Ottawa. By adopting rapid prototyping you are able to test assumptions and to save money and time.

What is rapid prototyping?

The term refers to a variety of technologies that operate in order to create a full-size model of a physical part. Basically, the process lays the foundation for the future product by simulating the functioning of each end product. The reason why engineers have such a hard time with building a model is that it is not the same thing as building an actual product. The result is that designers are provided the possibility to realize their concepts rather than assuming how the product looks and feels through a CAD model. It is not astonishing to see that so many industries, like the automotive or medical ones, have adopted rapid prototyping.

Creating a part in a matter of weeks

The process of rapid prototyping is fairly inexpensive. Thanks to rapid prototyping it is possible to evaluate the precision investment cast before actually going into full production. This way further complications that typically result from incomplete and inadequate production analysis are avoided. With the help of the physical model changes are incorporated quite immediately based on the feedback received from the customers. With each iterative process, the product is even more improved and this confidence benefits both the designer and the consumer, while at the same time being able to identify the actual need of the market. Not only will this step ensure that the final production of the component meet requirements, but also offer companies and organisations the opportunity of overall savings.

Communicating the intent of the product

Sales and marketing teams will be able to use parts of the model to avoid the expense of full production. The interactive model allows can also be used as a tool for the company whose intention is to sell the product or make a demonstration to the parties involved in bringing the new product to the market. A prototype will definitely secure funding for a specific product, not to mention that they communicate intent in a way that memos and business plans cannot.


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