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According to researchers, the biggest challenge for a start-up business is to promote their services and products, because they lack budgeting resources. Because you have to work with a tight budget, you may want to cut from your advertising resources. But you should know that if you promote your firm effectively, it will bring you an increased revenue, and this could only benefit your company. Yes, traditional advertising may be expensive, and you will have difficulties in trying to measure it, but as a small business, you have access to other cost-effective solutions. If you want to make customers talk about your products and services, you can invest in some branded tote bags and to offer them to the first customers that purchase a certain product or service. In this way, they will talk about your company to other people, and possible customers may come.

Buy one get something free

Every successful business uses similar offers, so if you are looking for an effective but affordable promotional strategy, you should choose this one. You have the possibility to offer a free product from the ones that are listed at low prices, or you can offer some customised promotional products. You decide the volume of the promotional products, because you do not have to offer everyone, you can state from the beginning that a limited number of customers will receive the gift.

Offer gift vouchers

For special occasions, you can surprise your clients with gift vouchers. Depending on the specific of your company, you can choose what to offer through the vouchers. Some businesses offer discounts, for certain products, other offer the products themselves.

Free X when you buy Y

This is one amazing way to promote your products and to make people purchase more of a certain product or service. For example, you can ask your clients to try a new product, and they will receive a free customised bag or mug. Who would not find useful these two items, people need them daily. Also, you can offer promotional products according to the sum the client spends. For a certain sum, you offer a pen, for more you offer a mug and so on. This strategy is amazing when it comes stealing customers from your competitors, because you offer them something they find valuable.

Provide a guarantee

If you run a store, then this is one amazing way to promote your services. The majority of companies that offer high priced products or services and technology use this strategy to attract their clients. Clients tend to choose the company that offers a warranty for the products, especially if they are listed at high prices, because they are aware of the loss they would get in case they purchase a faulty product. Also, if you have a money back guaranteed policy the customers will prefer your company, because they know that the product becomes faulty in the established period they will get their money back. This is one of the characteristics of a reliable company, and you want your clients to find you trustworthy.


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