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Whether you are a concerned parent that is looking for a trustworthy and experienced person to watch over your children, or on the contrary, you desire to offer your babysitting services, an online platform might be the best solution for you. In comparison with nanny agencies, websites are far more convenient and easily accessible. When it comes to finding a nanny in London, with a simple search online, you will come across a wide range of offers. Here are a few things you should know on the topic:

Easy access

Nanny-finding websites offer easy access to both caregivers and parents. As a parent, you can benefit from the flexibility of searching and emailing applicants 24 hours a day. If you desire to have more control over the selection process of the applicant, the right online platform will give you this possibility. As an applicant, posting your offer is just as easy. With a few clicks, you can contact the online platform and offer them your CV. Although, it might take some time for them to analyse your application and do some background check, you will not need to attend numerous interviews and you will benefit from many resources and tips.

Proper screening process

As a parent, it can be rather stressful to hire a stranger to look after your children. Although a full service placement agency might seemed a safer choice in the past, nowadays nanny-finding websites are just as trustworthy and reliable as an agency, but far more affordable. If you choose the right online platform, you will be certain that each person who applies for a nanny position is carefully selected through a proper screening process. Those who are managing the website will do a background and criminal check, to be certain the professionals they are dealing with are trustworthy and competent people.

Time efficiency

Although, you may need to put some time into finding the right online platform and then choosing the right babysitter, overall, it is easier and more time effective to choose a nanny-finding website than an agency. By using a smart device, from the comfort of your home, you can find the professional you are looking for. Time efficiency is also a benefit that candidates can take advantage from.


Both caregivers and family require paying some fees, when working with a nanny agency. In comparison with an actual agency, a web-based company will be far more affordable for both parties involved. A full service placement agency is certainly more expensive than any online platforms out there. If you cannot afford an agency, then a website is certainly the best option for you.

As you can see, nanny-finding websites are extremely beneficial for both parties involved in the process. If you are in need of finding an experienced and fully qualified babysitter, or on the other hand, you want to apply for a nanny job, all you need to do is find an online platform to suits your needs and interests. Start looking online for options and make your choice wisely.

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