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The tax rebate program raises many questions to many people. Most of these people even renounce applying for this program because they do not inform themselves properly and do not know exactly what to do in each situation. This program was specifically designed to help people who buy a new house or build one from scratches reduce the costs. If you are interested in this aspect, you can use a tax rebate calculator and get an estimate on how much money you would benefit from after applying to the tax rebate program. Here are the most common mistakes people are prone to make in this situation.

Math errors

Applying for a rebate implies paying attention to numerous aspects and for some people this might be quite frustrating. One very common mistake is related to math. You will work with many numbers, which means there are some chances to make math errors. You can take your files to some specialists and have them check them for you. However, you should know that in case they find some errors in your files, they would recalculate the numbers. This might or might not turn into your advantage. This is the reason why it is highly important to have everything double-checked before filing.

Not checking the missing names or spelling mistakes

As it was previously mentioned, the files need to be double-checked before submitting them, not only for math errors, but also for other spelling mistakes. Make sure all the details you have filled in are correct. Some people that have had missing names or other spelling mistakes had to wait longer until the problem was clarified and their files could be submitted further. This happens mostly to people that had their names changed after getting divorced or married and did not notify the Social Security Administration.

Not filing the papers in due time

Another great mistake people make when it comes to applying to a tax rebate program is not filing the papers in due time, or even not filing them at all. You should be aware of the deadline for applying to this program and make sure you have enough time to correct any potential mistake you might have overlooked in the papers. You should not leave everything on the last moment, because you might find yourself in the situation of not being able to apply for this program anymore. You can learn more about this tax rebate program if you access websites such as

Not reporting all the income

The moment you decide to apply for a tax refund, you have to make sure you have declared all your income sources to the authorities. There is a separate section in the papers where you have to fill in all your income sources. Some people forget adding some of these sources in those papers, especially when it comes to rental income for instance, or the money they might earn from other side jobs they have. Make sure you keep detailed records on your income sources.


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