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Michael Fertik

June - 28 - 2012

If you type in Google the name of a person, in most cases you get on social networks: profile on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. If that person is public, you get to press articles, blogs, where achievements are detailed and intimate thoughts. For increasingly more people, this search can end in hell, because you can reach in a malicious post and, as much as we try to deny, it matters what the Internet says about us. For this matter, Michael Fertik founded thinking that people and businesses have the right to manage their lives online.

Michael Fertik is an Internet entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of, a company committed to save the spotted reputation of those who require a helping hand. In addition to his work, Fertik is a member of the World Economic Forum Agenda Council on Internet Security and last year received the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2011 Award. He also contributes as a member on the Future of Privacy Forum and the Internet Keepsafe Coalition (iKeepSAfe).

Moreover, Michael Fertik is the co-author of a bestselling guide, Wild West 2.0 and writes articles in the Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, Reuters and more. He is also a frequent guest on Fox News, Good Morning America and other television programs in the United States.

Michael Fertik is the pioneer in the online reputation management and digital privacy. He started his Internet experience while at Harvard College when he launched TruExchange Inc. is his third and successful entrepreneurial project. After graduating Harvard College in 2000, he continued his education at Harvard Law School receiving his J.D in 2005. He served as a clerk under Judge Boggs for one year and after this, he founded to manage online reputations and protect Internet privacy. Now, his company has its base to Silicon Valley.

Finally, if only celebrities were concerned about what the Internet said about them, recently more users – students, divorced, young entrepreneurs or young professionals – began to realize that they can appear on the Internet without knowing. More than a personal source of humiliation, online reputations can also be professionally devastating. In exchange for a fee, helps those interested to escape a bad reputation. Although, it is almost impossible to remove something from the Internet, but there are some tricks of hiding the negative aspects under an avalanche of positive links.

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