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You work in the business field for a while and you started to get a better grip on how things go? Find out that there is always something new to learn. You probably got used to dealing with repetitive processes that never seem to end. You’d be surprised how easy your work will be after you implement a Customer Relationship Management solution to your business. You’ll see results in terms of both finance and efficiency. CRM represents a set of processes that help with managing and analyzing the information coming from customer interactions and other data sources available. CRM has multiple subsections you can consider for your own business. It is important to find a company that offers such services and is a microsoft partnere norge at the same time. Here are several tips regarding business automation and business intelligence that may help you transform your company into a more profitable one:

Marketing automation

At first, you might believe that investing in CRM is too expensive and won’t be as efficient as you expect. Actually, making this investment will lead to gaining more profit at the end of the month and saving plenty of time with difficult processes that were previously handled by employees. Human errors and mistakes are normal, and you can’t avoid them when working with a lot of people, but when you focus on technology, you visibly reduce their apparition. The first sector where you will want to include CRM is marketing. In marketing you’ll notice the most repetitive tasks. Automation can help with sending prospects marketing materials to clients and potential customers. You can try lagerstyring for planning all of your activities, regardless of their type. Everything will get more organized; thus, the company can evolve easier and you can concentrate on something that’s more important at the moment.


It’s not all about repetitive processes. CRM solutions can have an impact on streamlining workloads. An employee might require much more time to complete a process compared to a machine, especially if the respective task is not very complex and it only involves wasting time and money. Workflow automation is more expensive, but it’s worth all of it. You can cut on employees and save a lot of money for investing in other sectors that need improvement at the moment.


As for analytics, find an office 365 leverandør and make good use of the services it offers. You surely want to keep track of all data that comes in and goes out of your business. There are numerous options you can try to cover all the information related to the company you manage. Business Intelligence is now focused on handling data better and saving time that can be oriented to something else. Look forward to learning more about this topic and consider including it into your business. CRM, automation and Business Intelligence are important factors for the next few years in terms of business.

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