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A business card is the entrepreneur’s best friend, namely his most valuable marketing tool. The sad reality is that a great many number people have business cards that blend into the multitude of ones out there. A business pass is the most powerful marketing tool, but there is no way of knowing this if you do not have a really good one. They are great networking tools and they are not only for company employees. If you need to make a stack of cards in a hurry, buy you do not have a fancy design software, you can make and print your own. There are card making supplies that will make the process easy and help you maintain an individual feel.

How to make your own business card

The first thing you will need to do is purchase some sheets at the local crafts store. Depending on the brand and sheet type, you have the chance of choosing from several colour and finish options. For the design process, you can make use of Microsoft Word. Change the format of any elements that you do not like and change fonts, colours and size. If the template has a placeholder logo, you can replace it. Before printing, you should be absolutely sure that the template does not have any spelling mistakes or typos because it is the one impression that customers will have of you. When you are done, load the sheets into the printer and select the “Print command”.

What should you include?

The most obvious thing that you will have to include is personal information, such as home address, email address, and telephone number. In addition to contact information, you will want to include your social media accounts. In order to lead people to more information about you, you should make mention of your LinkedIn account, but also of your Twitter or Facebook account. With regard to major areas of strength, you will need to provide the networker with a little bit more information about yourself. For instance, if you are currently working in marketing, you should include trade shows or web content and, most important, keep it short and sweet. Unless you are working in real estate or modelling where appearance is your calling card, you can skip the photo.

How to enhance your card

After having analysed your own label, you will probably notice that there is a large quantity of other ones that are simply bursting with creativity. To make yours unforgettable, you should buy bespoke rubber stamps for the back of the stiff paper. When someone asks for it, you can say “Pick a card!” You can also try stickers. In this sense, you should print one side of the sheet on adhesive label paper, which will give your recipient a peel of stickers for reminders, phone numbers or appointments.

Once you lift your business card from unsuccessful to unforgettable, you will feel good too. You will feel so confident that every time you will be asked for business details, you will gladly give them.


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