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Behind a successful business stands a team of professionals. That team involves two parties: the employer and his employees, who spend time together brainstorming, exchanging ideas, developing and applying strategies while sharing the same goal – to ensure the evolution of the company.  You might think that employees have another incentive for struggling at work: the much-desired promotion that obviously brings more money. Hypocrisy aside, this is true to a certain extent. A bigger income does put a smile on everyone’s face. However, certain studies prove that sometimes receiving cash is only a temporary motivation. Apparently, employees yearn for appreciation and not receiving that appreciation represents more than enough to quit their job. Therefore, if you want to preserve a healthy relationship with your employees, do not rely just on the Employee Appreciation Day to show how much they mean to you. Instead, seize every opportunity and give your employees the well-deserved recognition for their unceasing work throughout the year.

Giving corporate gifts is a win-win situation

You do not have to go out of your way or invest great amounts of money in order to show your employees that you value them. Small surprises and subtle signs of appreciation can help you obtain the same result. In fact, they matter the most for your employees event though you probably do not realize it. Moreover, you also benefit from this, your business more exactly. Recognition drives employees to exceed your expectations in order to prove their worth and dedication, not to mention that they will exude more happiness making the workplace a more positive and productive environment. If you never understood why buying and giving corporate gifts became such a popular practice, now you know the impact that it has on your coworkers, colleagues and employees.

How to show employee appreciation

If you want to prove your appreciation to your employees but you have no idea where to start, do not worry. We are going to give you simple, inexpensive and useful tips that will facilitate your mission. Connecting with your employees without losing your authority in front of them is not as difficult as you may think. First, you can prove your employees that you care by contributing to solving work issues instead of just assisting them. Furthermore, instead of showing the white feather when conditions become unfavorable, stand right beside your employees and help them overcome obstacles successfully.   

Secondly, do not consider yourself better than your employees simply because of your high position in the company. Do not act like those overconfident employers who park their vehicle separately and demand employees to carry their luggage during travels because this represents an infallible method to chase away your hard-working employees. Spend time and talk to your employees about personal matters not just topics related to the company. Just like them, you have imperfections and you should not try to hide them. Be honest and transparent, you will undoubtedly earn their trust and support in everything you do. Create opportunities for your employees; give them the chance to prove their worth.

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