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It is generally agreed that the paycheck is the main motivator in exchange for the eight-hour work your employees provide every day at your company, but you should know that big companies offer their employees much more benefits than just their salary, because this way they boost their performance and motivation. Knowing what methods to apply in order to get the best results from your employees is the key to success. Whether you resort to the services of some companies that provide animal shows at corporate events Melbourne, or organize an entertaining team-building, always try to make your employees feel less stressed at the workplace. Here are some great ideas you can take into account.

Animal shows

One great idea to entertain people working at your company is to hire a firm that offers animal shows and to bring them to one of your corporate event, be it a team-building, a party or the national day for instance. These shows offer your employees the chance to get closer to animals such as reptiles, spiders, turtles and so on. It is for sure that this will be the subject of the week within your firm.

Arrange them discounts

Talk to local retailers and arrange certain discounts for your employees ;  have them enjoy a spa treatment, special discounts in clothes stores, or a discounted gym memberships.

Celebrate special events with them

Even though you are their boss, this does not mean you have to stay in the office all day long and come out only when you have something to tell your employees. Being more around them and spending some time with them means a lot and you can do this whenever there is a birthday, awedding, an employment anniversary, the birth of a child and so on.

Reward or Acknowlegde a job well done

Recognizing a job well done by your employyes  boosts their motivation to work and perform even better.  A “good job”  or a bonus are great, but  you can do more.  Every end of the year, you might want to do awards for outstanding employees – to show that their performance are highly appreciated, and will also show other employees a good role model to follow.  Some studies even suggest that  this help employees stay productive and stay longer at the company.

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