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Even if we are in recession, financing is still a major part of the economy. There are a lot of companies looking for persons with studies on financing, so if you have them, then you may look for one. Though, no one recruit just the persons which are in the known of it, and for this you need to write a good resume. Here, you need to summarize all your experience in the domain.

At the top of the resume you need to note your contact information, so that the employer could find you. Besides the standard information (name, postal address, telephone number are email address) you may add the fax or whatever item where your future boss would be able to find you. Next, you need to state your objective and say what you are looking for in a finance job. This summarize must not overcome several sentences.

Another major point in a resume is the qualities you wish to use in a financial job. Highlight some of them, the most important as the body of the resume. Also, add the documentation of your past finance positions. This part is used mainly to pursue the employer to choose you for the post. Here, recruiters look for keywords which looks like cost cutting, data analysis, initiative, business development, information systems, leadership and process improvement. Though, if you are not in the position to have such financial experience, some keywords like those written indicate that they are some transferable skills.

Next, note down all the institutes where you have attended your studies. Also, if you have an extra national or international certificate in your portfolio, feel free to let everyone know about it. This is another point after which an employer is looking for in order to choose the best candidate for the finance job.

As we have shown, to write a resume is not a big deal. The last but not the least step is very important – review your resume and look after any mistake you could have done. If you wish to be a hundred per cent secure on what you have written, ask for a friend or for a person allowed to see your resume to correct it. They may give you beneficial advice, so that you will be far from the highest competition. Also, prepare two forms of resumes, one electronically and the other one simple, on a piece of paper.

Once you submit your resume, you should start preparing yourself for an interview. When preparing for an interview, you should do some research about the employing company’s background. You might also want to prepare some smart conversation topics. On you will find a lot of interesting business articles about 2014 financial trends and much more. Employers appreciate candidates which are up to speed with the financial trends. Basic financial knowledge is not enough in order to impress an employers as they all look for active and involved candidates.

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