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People from all around the world are faced daily with discrimination. This is an ugly truth, but still a truth. Depending on some variables, people choose to have different attitudes towards others. And businesses are not falling short on the discrimination part. Many business owners from around the world put continuous efforts into creating better and more inclusive internal policies so these accommodate the needs and desires of all their employees, regardless of their gender, race or religious or political views. However, there is a certain category of workers that was for too long ignored: the disabled worker category. What can employers do to put an end to workplace disability discrimination? Below are some helpful pieces of information that will help you tackle the issue.

Create internal rules and regulations and be the first to follow

These rules and policies inside your company should follow some strict guidelines which clearly establish each employee’s right and obligations at the workplace. Make it clear enough for all your employees that any type of discrimination will be coerced in manners which you find appropriate and establish. Make sure that all your employees understand that they should follow the internal regulations regarding the hiring process, attendance and leave policies and so on. In many cases, the employer may not be obligated to follow differentiated rules regarding their disabled employees, only if the leave or attendance policy endangers their life. State clearly in your internal regulations that your company won’t discriminate in any fashion against disabled applicants, neither positive nor negative. However, make sure to familiarize yourself with disability laws in your state. For instance, the laws regarding disability discrimination San Diego may differ from those in force in other areas.

Create a workplace environment that physically accommodates the needs of disabled employees

Regardless if your company usually hires disabled people or not, you should always make your office building accessible for this type of employees and visitors as well. Make sure to create all the necessary conditions to make it possible for them to get in and out of your buildings, but also to create an approachable evacuation protocol for them. As an employer, you have the right to ask at the hiring moment if they need any special emergency evacuation assistance. Make sure to follow it and accommodate their needs.

Create special policies for employees that become disabled at the workplace

Each case must be evaluated by a team of experts. In many cases of workplace injury, the employee isn’t left with a permanent disability, but they still have to be properly compensated and cared for in regards to insurance matters.

These are some of the easiest ways to make sure that you prevent as much as possible workplace discrimination and create a better working environment for all your employees, regardless of their needs. A better understanding of the matter will certainly help you address better these aspects. While not all your employees have similar needs, you still have to create an appropriate workplace environment for each of them.

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