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How to negotiate for a used car

October - 10 - 2017


Some people simply cannot master the art of negotiating and this means that most of the time they pay a full price for any product or service they benefit from. However, when it comes to purchasing a car, the financial investment exceeds their possibilities so they must resort to certain strategies and tips that will help them lower the price of their much-desired vehicle. After all, until you close the deal, everything is allowed. Therefore, after you examine the car and you decide that is the most suitable choice for you, do not show your interest to the seller. Instead, act indifferent and objective because this will alert him and he will practically do anything to prevent you from walking out of there without making the purchase.

Information is power

If you want to obtain a lower price for the car, then you have two options and both of them demand a detailed research. After all, knowledge is power. First, you have to be up to date with the latest discounts and promotions. For instance, Edmunds offers GMC Acadia for sale so you should not miss the opportunity. Secondly, when you deal with sellers, you must be in control of your attitude and show that you know what you are talking about but do not forget to be polite. This means that you have to do a thorough research about the business and the basic strategies used by dealers because for them negotiation is a terrain already conquered. The most important detail you must find out is the accurate estimation regarding the value of the car, depending on the condition and mileage. The history report will help you determine if it is worth the negotiation and your money. Ask various questions about the model and analyze the seller’s reactions in order to determine if you can trust his answers. At the end of the conversation, walk around silently and examine the vehicle carefully. You can stop from time to time, touch certain areas and show your disappointment. This is a dirty but efficient trick because it will convince the seller that you are not satisfied with what you see and he will make his best to make you change your opinion.

Boldness and determination

During the time spent with the seller, you must prove determination and boldness meaning that you should not restrain yourself from directly asking the big question. Considering that you already established the highest amount you are willing to pay before you left the house, the next step is to find out what is the lowest amount that will enable your possession of the vehicle in question. Obviously, the seller will set a ridiculous price at the beginning but if he senses that you know it, he will definitely settle for less. On the other hand, if the seller shows no flexibility, you can proceed and tell him that you already got an estimation of the vehicle and his offer is exaggerated. The trick is to play your cards wisely and not rush the process of the purchase.  

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