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If the domain of real estate sounds like a great business idea to you and you also have some capital you can invest from the beginning, then maybe you should give it a try. Whether you want to buy a house for yourself, you are looking for long term purchases that you can rent afterwards and have an additional income, or you are planning to start trading houses, you need to have some basic pieces of knowledge about the dedicated market and about finance. This way, you can rest assured that you invest in real estate and obtain a maximum profit. Here are some simple strategies implemented by successful investors, through which you can make sure that you will get the maximum profit out of your real estate transactions:

Calculate cash flow as accurately as possible

The cash flow is the total amount of money getting inside and outside of a business, especially liquidities, affecting potential investments on a certain period of time. Regardless the business, this “tool” is extremely important, and real estate is no exception. In order to calculate the cash flow properly, you need to be aware of all the elements that could influence it, such as price variations, change of currencies, international context and so on. In addition to this, you will also have to keep in mind your future incomes and expenses.


Appreciation and depreciation

This is one of the elements for which you will have to have at least basic financial knowledge, as well as a brief idea about the international context, since both processes are related to currency variations. Appreciation is the increase of the value of a certain currency, while depreciation is the opposite process, when a currency loses its value from several reasons (such as political instability, war and so on). In order to make the best calls, you will have to be aware of these two and choose the currency that brings the most benefits.



This term is used in a lot of domains, but when it comes to real estate purchase; it represents the process through which the loan principal decreases in time. When the house owner pays the mortgage, part of the money is also used for paying the interest rate. If you want to see how a loan principal amount decreases over time, you should analyse an amortization schedule and a table consisting in details about each periodic payment.

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