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Start-ups are always looking for ways to grow, for opportunities to expand their business, as no one wants to run a start-up forever. If you have a good business plan and a strong product, this growth can happen even quicker than you anticipated and it has been quite a trend for recent start-up businesses, especially due to the great possibilities provided by the online environment. As said, this expansion can very well take you by surprise and oftentimes businesses are faced with space limitations sooner than expected, whether it’s storage space or office space. The last thing you need after having out a business up is to have to relocate, particularly when real estate prices are insane. But when space becomes too tight, you don’t have to move out, you can just move up through mezzanine flooring designs.

How mezzanines save you money


Well, that’s pretty obvious. By making use of the vertical space, you don’ have to relocate your business or your storage area, which means you don’t need to spend money on new lettings or increasingly expensive real estate. Mezzanines are basically raised structures built as a second storey to your existing area, so they make great use of the otherwise wasted overhead space. Although all systems are based on the same principle, these structures can be designed in different ways as to best suit different layouts and they can also be sued for different purposes. If it’s office space that you’re lacking, you can easily use the mezzanine for meeting rooms, boardroom, reception or break areas and so on. On the other hand, if it’s storage space that you need to increase, then mezzanine flooring can definitely be used for shelving and racking and storing high volumes of stock.


How mezzanines reduce operational costs


Creating additional storage space through mezzanine flooring is about more than increasing floor space by up to 100%. A mezzanine gives you great flexibility in terms of shelving and racking systems for your storage needs. They are very sturdy structures, so they can take great loads, which gives you a lot of wiggle room as far as storage solutions are concerned. By being able to implement a customised shelving or racking system on your raised storage area, a system that has been specifically designed for your space, you will significantly increase operational productivity and speed of both inbound and outbound activities. This means less manual work, reduced picking errors and time frames, therefore a decrease in operational costs. This is a world where speed is not just wished for, but expected, so having a system in place that allows you to implement fast operations represents a competitive advantage and although business operations are exhaustive, when it comes to product handling and movement, it all comes down to space and storage.

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