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Considering that thousands of British workers develop various occupational diseases from breathing in various fumes, dusts and other contaminants that are airborne when they are at work, business owners are required to undergo Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems Testing regularly and have all their permits in order before they can start or continue a project.

How come my LEV needs to be tested and examined?

Health and safety law says that all managers or business owners that have workers exposed to substances that could be hazardous such as fumes, dusts, vapours and others will need to take the proper measures to protect their health. Among these measures, you might need to implement a Local Exhaust System, in which case it will have to be regularly inspected and maintained to be sure that it provides the expected protection. This testing should be done at least once every 14 months and you should keep the record of this testing for at least 5 years afterwards.

What is the actual purpose of LEV testing?

During this examination, all the systems that create your LEV are tested to see whether or not they still perform at their original capacity and thus they protect the health of your workers. To this extent, the examiner will probably need information about the designed performance of the system, in order to determine if it is still functional or not.

Who performs this examination?

You will need to hire an engineer who specialises in this type of testing and has the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment to provide reliable and accurate results. The examiner will compare the results they have obtained with the information about your equipment’s intended performance and they will give you a verdict regarding the safety that your LEV offers workers. All the information you need will be included in the examiner’s report, so make sure you ask any questions you may have if you are now sure what everything means and take measures as soon as possible if the examiner discovers that something no longer functions within parameters.

How do I choose my examiner?

You should look for someone with experience in the field and with the necessary skills to determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed. In addition, you should also base your decision on how fast you will receive the results of your testing, as this can vary from one provider to another and it is always best to receive them faster in order to act as soon as possible if it is necessary.

What do I do if the examination discovers my LEV is not working properly?

In this case, you will need to replace any broken components as soon as possible in order to ensure your workers are no longer exposed to any potentially hazardous fumes or substances. A LEV that functions without any problems will motivate your workers to be more efficient, because they will have the certainty that they are working in a safe environment.


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