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Mobile card terminals are a great solution for businesses that offer mobile services and wish to take credit and debit card payments anywhere for the convenience of their customers. This new generation of mobile credit card machines allows users to process payments when providing mobile services such as plumbing, repair and currier services. Using the landline coverage, these terminals become very convenient both for the service provider and its customers, because it allows easy, fast and secure payment. Offering multiple payment solutions can ultimately help you become competitive on the dedicated market.

Portable vs. mobile credit card machines


People often confuse portable with mobile card terminals, but there is a clear distinction between the two. While a portable payment processing terminal uses the Bluetooth technology to allow businesses to accept payments anywhere inside their premises, mobile systems use a landline connection to provide a payment solution everywhere in the country. Depending on the quality of the portable terminal, the Bluetooth connection can cover up to 200 meters radius, which means that taking the machine out of the business premises will make it stop functioning. Mainly bars, restaurants and cafes use portable terminals, while almost all businesses that offer door-to-door services use the mobile credit card machines. It is important to understand the difference between the two, because portable systems are not suitable for any business and will fail to meet the needs of a mobile team.

Why you should use mobile credit card machines


Refusing payment is not an option in the increasingly fast-paced business world. Not accepting card payments will make you lose ground against your competition in a world where everyone owns a credit or debit card. Swiping a card is more practical and easy than carrying cash around. Forcing our customers to make a trip to the ATM to withdraw money and pay for your services is not good for business. What is more, your mobile team will also be troubled to receive only cash, because they will need to have change for every customer. Limiting the payment options of your customers should be the last thing you do especially when competitors have already made the step into the right direction and are offering various alternatives to their customers. Swiping a card takes less time than exchanging cash, so a mobile card terminal will also help you increase the overall productivity of your employees.

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