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Business owners who pursue restlessly brand awareness and increased visibility invest all their resources in PPC advertising, social media contests, remarketing campaigns and car wraps, among other strategies, thus overlooking the benefits provided by giving back to the community. Whether you decide to donate products or services, sponsor an event or start a mentoring program, you have the possibility to make a significant change in your community. Of course, brainstorming different effective methods to build strong customer relationships is crucial for a business, but investing time and money in corporate social responsibility also contributes to your bottom line. Just think about it: you create more connections, enjoy positive PR and boost employee morale. What more can you ask from a simple gesture that not only shows that you care, but also makes a difference in your community? This also applies to small business owners, not just to billionaire philanthropists like Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor who are able to make a big impact, nationally and even globally.

Finance a kids’ sports team or support a local charity

If you do not lack initiative, but you just do not know where to start, then keep reading the article to find out ways to help your community grow. You have to admit that not many people have the chance or the luxury to start their own business, which means that since you have the power or the financial resources, you should fulfill your responsibility of contributing to the common good. Even though you cannot change the world, you can make your community a better place by financing a kids’ sports team or sponsoring an elementary class, supporting a local charity not financially, but getting involved personally by serving meals, walking animals, hosting card games to entertain senior or keeping company to hospitalized children. Many wealthy people. Not just business owners can get away with just writing a fat check and never actually participating in activities with other members in the community. Of course, you can do the same, but you will not enjoy the same reputation among old and prospective customers. For instance, Dr. Moshe Kantor wanted to transform children’ mental health by creating a center dedicated to them.

Provide internships to students or lend a hand to local non-profits

Although you do not benefit from enough money to do that or it might compromise the financial stability of your business, you can easily help the less unfortunate ones by sharing your knowledge. We are referring to offering internships to students and mentoring other local business owners. In exchange, your business benefits from cost-effective labor so you have nothing to lose, but much more to gain that you imagine. Local non-profits generally operate on a limited budget and do not have enough people involved to make as many changes as they would like. You can contribute by providing pro bono service or products. Remember that lending a hand is never fruitless. Moreover, you can help members of the community improve their tech skills in order to succeed in their professional life.

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