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When you are about to open a new warehouse, it is important to choose the right type of racking if you want to have a functional operation and not be forced to make another investment in the near future. This is why you should examine the space you have carefully, as this is how you can determine what type of warehouse shelving UK services you might need.

What are the main factors I should consider when choosing warehouse racking?

Some of the factors you should take into account are what type of items you are planning to store there and if you are planning to store them on pallets. In addition, you should consider if you are planning to use a forklift, what your product flow requirements will be as well as the type of environment in your warehouse (dry, humid or a freezer). Once you have these answers, you will probably want to find out about the options you have in terms of warehouse racking.


Drive-in and drive-through racks

These are ideal if you want to store a large quantity of products with a long life span that only require one-time moves. Should you go for the drive-in racks, the trucks will unload and load products using the same door and then back out, in which care the LIFO system is preferable. In case you are planning to go with drive-through racks and trucks will be able to load and unload through both ends of the warehouse, you will be able to use the FIFO method.


Cantilever racks

This system enables users to adjust the arms according to their needs as well as provide a wide range of loading capabilities. Cantilever racking systems are perfect for storing products with different lengths and weights such as lumber, plumbing or even furniture.


Pallet flow racks

These are great for freezer environments or for warehouses that store items with an expiration date such as food and beverages. This type of racking system can work great with FIFO product management, which is essential in the case of perishable items, as you will not run the risk of keeping something in the warehouse for too long. These racks maximise the available space and enable


Selective pallet racking

Great for warehouses where managers need to access various pallets simultaneously. This system works best for large warehouses, where space is not a problem and you can organise everything as you see fit.


What if I need some help choosing?

You can always discuss with a professional shelving and racking supplier and they will advise you on which type of racking works better based on your needs and the size of your warehouse. You will always find the proper solutions when you collaborate with a specialist in the field, who knows what to recommend you and can offer you the necessary shelves in a very effective time frame. The ideal racking system for your warehouse can be influenced by several factors, which is why you should always consider every aspect carefully before making a final decision.


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