Complete Guide To Corporate Finance

The Business Finance Guide

Cash flow

Cash flow is an essential aspect of every business, big or small, so it is unfortunate that many entrepreneurs sometimes find themselves struggling to foot the bills (let alone themselves) while they’re waiting for cheques to arrive. Delayed invoicing, common among entrepreneurs usually cause the majority of the problem. It’s frustrating when you get a job done, send an invoice, and then have to wait for ages to get paid. While waiting, you still have to pay your employees, pay contractors, mortgage, et cetera. Sometimes, customers don’t even pay. Such cases can be hazardous for the company.

Debt collection in London is a serious problem. A good way to avoid this is to require a down payment before rendering services or selling products. This should enable you cover some expenses while waiting for the complete payment. You can also try to specify quicker response time in the terms and conditions before dealing. You can also enlist the services of reputable debt collectors like AR Legal Debt Collectors should things get out of hand. They have vast experience dealing with debt collection in London.

An added tip is to examine your budget to make sure you aren’t overspending.


You won’t always be able to do everything at once, so you’ll need a lot of time management.

First, draw up a list of priorities and focus on the top ones. Identify and prioritize the most pressing initiatives that are crucial to your major business goals, and the ones that make the best paybacks.

Secondly, build a functional team. This will enable you to receive input, feedback, and support from employees

Then find ways to integrate sustainability into what your staff is already doing.

Client Dependence

For a lot of small business, a single client makes a huge chunk of their client base. This causes many entrepreneurs to be more of independent contractors, than actual business owners.

The key to rectifying this challenge is to diversify your base. It is vital to business growth. It can prove to be very challenging, especially when said client is punctual with payment and pays quite a lot. But it can also lead to overdependence and end your business up in long-term handicap.

Fatigue and Stress

The sheer amount of work to be done as well as the constant pressure to be productive eventually runs its course on even the strongest willed, charismatic and most passionate people. It’s commonplace for business owners to get stuck working several extra hours than they are supposed to. Some even fear their business will fail if they go away for a bit, so they rarely ever take any time off to recharge, hence fatigue.

Take holidays, put someone trusted in charge for the short while you are gone. Your body and your business will thank you for it.

Marketing and Strategizing

Most small businesses struggle to find the most efficient way to go about your marketing.

If you’re not exactly good at developing marketing plans, you should find someone who is, or outsource. You need someone who is good with budgets and can craft plans that work within specific limits.


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