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Even though real estate probably represents the most profitable industry, not everyone can build wealth overnight. In fact, some people display a reluctant attitude because they strongly believe that it is impossible to embark on such a journey without having enough funds, but here is the catch: you must have the ability to find the needed money, not necessarily have a lot of startup capital from the very beginning. Yes, people with no credit or major assets can earn a living from real estate market if the acquire specialized knowledge. For instance, once you enter the industry, you have to make an important decision: do you want to generate a passive or an active income? In the first situation, you buy and hold while, in the second case, you handle renovations or flip contracts. Of course, a novice in the field has many other questions that we are going to tackle below in order to clear the fog and seize the opportunities provided by this promising sector.

Real estate basics that a new investor should master

Nevertheless, mastering the basic terms frequently used in real estate comes first. Thus, a beginner must become familiar with concepts like equity, leverage return, mortgage fallout, net operating income (NOI), 1031 like kind exchange, principal reduction, personal guarantee and capital expense reserves. A new real estate investor should also master a few basic areas in order to avoid costly mistakes. Start by asking yourself: “what are my financial goals?”, “do I know the laws and regulation associated with real estate investing?”, “since real estate is a numbers game, can I win it?” and “am I willing to bear the burn of property management?” Furthermore, will you be able to reap the tax benefits and not just strive to avoid tax mistakes? Do you know how to attract and maintain a reliable tenant? Do you know what to pay attention to when searching for a good investment property? These are crucial questions that you cannot fend off because the answers, if you have them, will determine if you are going to make it in the real estate field.

You do not need startup capital; you need knowledge

Now, moving on to the actual subject of interest, namely those common questions that any novice who strives to make a living from investments has, the answers have the purpose to help you gain confidence and give it a shot. First, something that everyone wants to know and that we might as well call it the recipe for success refers to the methods or options of investing in real estate without startup capital. Well, you can resort to peer-to-peer lending, get a hard money loan, recruit an investment partner who has the necessary cash, trade physical or fixed assets or borrow from a bank, which probably represents the most common method used. Do you know how to handle a real estate investment? Keep in mind an extremely important thing: your expenses should never exceed your income. This is what positive cash flow means.

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