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Planning birthday parties used to be a family-exclusive activity, but the profit reported by party organisers shows that this is no longer the case. The number of people who search for professional event organisers in the their area has skyrocketed from an average of 1000 per month to about 6000 and these figures are expected to grow even more, encouraging young entrepreneurs to consider this field for their first start-up company. Setting up such a business involves relatively low initial investments (about £2000) and allows you to create a flexible schedule. If you have an eye for creative ideas and love surprising your friends with unforgettable birthdays, then you might have the change to make profit of your hobby. Birthday party planning pays well and it can be very fun compared to other jobs. Here are some tips that you should know if you are thinking of setting up a business in this field.

Stock up on supplies

High quality, creative supplies are one of the hallmarks of a professional party planning business. Whether you organise birthday parties for pre-schoolers or high class executives, you will need to invest in a range of items that includes plates, decorations, ribbons and party hats. Depending on your clientele, you can buy cheaper or more extensive items, but, as a general piece of advice, you should stock up on supplies from the same store (for example, this page  is a great place to find ribbons and accessories for birthdays). This enables your events to have some continuity in terms of style and you will be able to enjoy bulk discounts as well.


Work part-time or from home

Being a birthday party planner offers many perks to those who would rather prefer a flexible schedule to a fixed office job. Although you will have to meet with your clients to establish the theme of the party, some aspects of the organisation process can be dealt with from home and you don’t even have to work for eight full hours a day. You can order supplies online, talk to your business partners on the phone and only go out when you have to find venues and meet clients. All in all, being a birthday party planner is an excellent way of mixing business with pleasure and making a living out of an enjoyable activity. As long as you find a professional supplier and know several good venues, you can gain a lot of customers and be successful.

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