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If can be very hard to find the best software for a specific type of trading activity, let alone one that fits the needs of retail trading professionals as well as broker dealer needs. However, this is exactly what the ETNA Trader Brokerage Suite does. It offers a complete range of software products for online investing. Whether you are a trading firm, a broker dealer, a robo advisor or a FinTech startup, ETNA can provide you with the best software products your need.

Most trusted stock trading software for broker dealers

The ETNA Software technology has been recognized in the trading community since 2005. By constantly investing in its development, nowadays ETNA is quickly becoming an industry standard, being used by 25% of Wall Street Journal Barron’s best online brokers. The ETNA Trader is so popular due to the fact that it offers a wide range of electronic trading opportunities and technologies. It uses an HTML5 trading frontend with a customizable drag and drop (D’n’D) widget based layout. With cross-browser access, live interactive charts, real-time streaming quotes and price alerts, it offers everything that a successful broker may need. Moreover, it also offers mobile trading apps, which makes it easier for brokers to always stay connected to their work. The cloud back office and reporting system offers convenient web access, full admin privileges and a wide array of settings to configure the platform to meet your business needs.

An OMS/EMS for robo advisors

The ETNA OMS API  for robo-advisors lets investment firms focus on algorithms and unique value proposition, without having to worry about IT or trading technology. With ETNA’s OMS you can access across client profiles, execute simultaneously in each client account or trade from a master account. The ETNA trading software provides easy access to OMS/EMS in order to manage execution, the pre-trade and the post-trade risks management, the monitoring of the account balances, the margin requirements as well as the compliance and the reporting.

The next generation of online investment firms need to be supported by a software with advanced features and great usability. The ETNA trading terminal can be adjusted to any number of displays, and it features a configurable and customizable interface that meets the needs of any trading professional. It also features open APIs that integrate third party trading tools. Moreover, the terminal can be accessed from any browser or any device, featuring even apps for smart watches, which are perfect for traders that are always on the go.

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