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To close more deals you need two things: perfect sales scripts and many leads. Assuming that your script game is on point, the more people you approach, the more chances you have of closing deals. Today we will talk about some lead generation strategies that are guaranteed to bring you more business. Some of these leads are as old as time, tested and guaranteed by the experts, and some of them are rather new, created by the new opportunities of the online world.

1. Networking

This is the oldest trick in the book, and the number one lead generation strategy for all agents and realtors. The idea is simple: use all your existing contacts to get in touch with new contacts. From old clients, to family members, friends and other professionals in your industry, all these people can help you find more leads. Just remember that no matter the conversation you have, you should always find the time to ask the people around you whether they have though of selling or if they know anybody who wants to sell their property.

2. Social media

Social media can be a powerful lead generation tool, provided that you use it right. You don’t need to invest in paid ads, nor do you need to share content all the time. Instead, try to listen and interact with your contacts, without being intrusive. Answer their concerns (if they have any), offer referrals (if they ask for them) and generally try to be friendly (like, share, congratulate and so on). Facebook has a system through which it puts the people that you most interact with at the top of your list. So, by interacting with your friends, you will always be visible to them. So, when you actually do post a piece of content, it will be visible to many of your contacts, and you can be certain that they will think of you the next time they are thinking of selling.

3. FSBO leads

Yes, you’ve read that right. FSBO leads are among the best ways of generating more real estate business. Yes, these are people that don’t really want to work with an agent, but they are also people who are ready to sell, and who might be persuaded to work with the right agent. You can find these leads manually, or you can work with a good FSBO lead provider.

4. Your website

Your website is as important to you as a shop is to a retailer. It is the place where you should run most of your business, but it also acts like a business card, a portfolio and much more. However, the trick with the website is that it not only needs to look good and work well, but it also needs to be visible. Increasing your website’s visibility depends on how competitive your market is. For big cities it can take some time and money, but if you live in a smaller city, some basic SEO strategies should show you results in just a few weeks.


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