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It does not matter what type of business you have, you need clients in order to gain profit. There are times when even the companies that are selling top products have difficulties in selling their products, because they are not able to reach the audience that is interested in buying them. You can use multiple strategies to gain new clients, from establishing partnerships with other logistics companies to cold calls.

First, it is important to decide what methods you want to use to reach new clients. All start-ups have a limited budget they could use to find clients, and this can be your case if you are new in the Transportøkonomi industry. A large multinational company can use millions of dollars to create advertising campaigns. They use multiple methods and they have greater chances to retain a larger number of clients. But this does not mean that small companies cannot do the same. They only have to use other strategies.

Cold Calling

Everyone who is working in the sales industry can tell you that this strategy is one of the most effective ones. In case you have not heard about this strategy, you should know that a representative of your firm will call potential clients and will make them offers. If you want to raise interest, you can call them by yourself, to show them that you value their collaboration. When you contact prospective clients, you should tell them that you are using tools like frakt kontering to improve the effectiveness of your business. You should create the list of clients that will receive offers according to their location, the size of the business they run, the type of products they want to ship, and the budget they have to pay for your services.

Build a network

You can find new clients, if you establish a relationship with companies from both the logistics industry, and from related domains. Also, the network can be created with the help of a trade show, where you meet prospective partners, vendors and organisations that need the type of services you offer. Also, the Internet is a great tool in helping you create a network, you can use websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote your services. Tell people that you are using tools like tollportal, because it will create you a good reputation on the market.

Establish new collaborations

If you work with other companies from your domain, you will get better results, and new clients. It does not mean that you should try to collaborate with your competitors; it means that you should try to find companies that have interests similar to yours and to establish a partnership that will bring both of your advantages. For example, you can collaborate with manufacturers, because they need to send their products to their customers. The manufacturing companies will become your clients, and you will help them keep their clients happy.

If you want to find clients fast, you should use five percent of your profit to invest in advertising.

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