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It has been proven that small businesses, even start-ups that have a well-developed search engine optimisation strategy and a great approach on marketing, are more profitable and have higher rates of success than the ones that don’t invest in such strategies. Highly rated webpages provide higher rates of income, and this is no secret for anybody. But how does one reach those top positions in Google results? Well many claims that pay-per-click advertising strategies bring so many advantages that it’s not worth investing in other types of marketing strategies. But is this really true? The specialists at claim that even small businesses are able to compete with the more established ones on the market, if they invest in the right approach. However, let’s find out more about these strategies.

Pay-per-click advertising – What is it?

Simply put, pay-per-click advertising campaigns consist of paying a precestablished amount every time your ad is clicked on. This means that you pay exactly for the number of individuals that land on your page, having direct contact with it and your products. These ads are generally hosted on Google and several other social media platforms, places where people are very likely to have contact with them, which makes them highly efficient. This helps you yo increase the number of visitors in an organic manner, helping with your page’s Google ratings. These ads usually appeared in the right column of a page when a search was generated, but since 2016 they appear wither at the top or bottom of the page, when a search is generated.

What type of businesses PPC marketing strategies can benefit?

Simply put, all businesses can benefit every small businesses. It is highly necessary to be present in the online sphere for increasing the potential of these approaches. The rule goes the other way around, too. In order to increase your presence online, you have to target keywords with a high potential and then work around them. This way you will be more likely to become more visible online. However, certain businesses can benefit more from these approaches, depending on a few characteristics:

You are selling / manufacturing niche products. If you are selling or manufacturing products that are harder to find on the local markets, your business is the perfect candidate for PPC advertising campaigns.

You business has high profit margins. And some example of such businesses are renovation services, vehicles or the large part of the services segment.

Increased customer lifetime value. For instance, doctors, educators and services in general have a higher potential of PPC effectiveness.

What are some great Search Engine Advertising platforms?

Maybe one of the most popular platforms of this kind is Google Adwords, also, Bing Ads is another great option. Of course, these are not the only ones that work wonders for this purpose. But if you want great results with your Ppc advertising campaign, we strongly encourage you to consider collaborating with a great online advertising agency. Their approaches are always wonderful


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