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The world of publicity and marketing has developed significantly in the last few years, bringing forward more and more methods of helping companies grow in terms of popularity. Since the business world is now extremely competitive, it makes perfect sense to try as much as possible to advertise your products and services in a strong manner. Since a bit of ingenuity never hurts, the world of publicity brought forward a new, improved method, experiential marketing. In a surprisingly short time, this method has gained a huge level of popularity, being regarded as a gold mind for all entrepreneurs who wish to gain a leading position on the dedicated market. If you are first hearing about this type of marketing, here are a few details you will most definitely find helpful in deciding on whether or not to use this strategy for your next advertising campaign.

Marketing through first hand experiences

Experiential marketing is really about experience, as you have probably caught on by now. This is what makes this method different from others part of the same market. Take a good look at any campaign of this kind and see that the idea is built around the possibility given to each client to actually try the product. The experience is based on the reaction of all individuals. If you know your company could use the reaction of first time clients, then give it try. It might just be the type of strategy you need to gain a leading position, especially if you trust your product.


Building stories


Your entire marketing campaign will be built around the reaction of clients, for which reason you need to think of a great story before starting the campaign. You might be celebrating the time you have spent part of the market, the arrival of a new product or you are thinking of thanking your clients for the trust invested in your company. The story could vary, but it should exist. It is the base on which the campaign is founded upon, one you have to treat attentively and be 100% certain that is on the public’s liking. In the end, this is just another form of marketing and its main purpose is that of convincing the audience.


Finding great places to advertise your company


The success of experiential marketing depends greatly on the location on which these are conducted. You might find this to be a bit surprising, given the fact that so far you were taught that advertising is best realized through words and pictures, not geography. Since you are focusing on the reaction of clients, you would be wise to surprise them by planting the scene of the marketing campaign in the most popular of places. An important subway station, the train station, a popular market, an important park, the airport, these are just a few examples of great locations you could make use of. Find that one that best represents your company.


Experiential marketing might a bit more complicated than the regular one, but this does not mean that it is less effective. In fact, it might increase your company’s level of popularity in a short time frame.

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